How to get into eugena public library: What to know

Eugene Public Library will be accepting applications for the Eugene Public Libraries’ first full-time position of Marketing Manager starting this fall.The position, which will be open from September through December, is an opportunity to work with Eugene Public’s community and to provide direct engagement and education on the eugenese language, culture, and history.The position will […]

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How to breastfeed your baby in public: the science

Breastfeeding in public can be a great way to introduce a baby to a world full of people and environments where he can learn about what it means to be a human, especially when you’re breastfeeding.Here’s what you need to know about breastfeeding in a public setting.What is breastfeeding?In the U.S., the average American breastfeeds […]

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The Lost Tribe of Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln, Neb.— The Lincoln Public Schools has partnered with the Nebraska Parks and Recreation Department and the Lincoln National Forest to create a new national park.Lincoln is one of the first places in the country to be designated as a National Recreation Area.In the years leading up to its creation, the Lincoln Public School’s staff […]

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How the Houston Public Library is trying to keep public health at bay

Public health is a hot-button issue in Texas, and the state’s public libraries are no exception.The state’s library system, the Public Health Department, has been dealing with a large number of health-related outbreaks since 2016, when the Texas Department of State Health Services first started reporting a number of suspected cases of Legionnaires’ disease.The department […]

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Which is better: The park or the parking?

jenkles park, park or parking public source The question has been on the minds of many as the city seeks to expand the number of parking spaces in downtowns parkland and make the downtown area more inviting.The city is considering creating more parkland with parking spaces for residents and businesses.But a new study from the […]

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How to help a school in rural Tasmania get more money

On Sunday, the ABC’s 6PR program aired an exclusive interview with the owner of a school that lost $2 million last year.The school was run by a private company, which has since been privatised.The owner told the program he had to close because the school had become too expensive.The company said it was also losing […]

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