What you need to know about the peoria Public House and Public Charge Rule

The peoria public house and public charge rule has been in place since 1882, and has seen the city become the first in the country to charge a fee for parking in public.

Peoria is now one of three cities in the US to pass a similar charge, along with Los Angeles and Chicago.

Parking meters and the Public Charge rule cost $1.25 and $0.75, respectively, but each has its own rules.

You must have a vehicle for at least two hours, and there are no exceptions.

The rule only applies to drivers on foot, bike or by car.

And, it applies only to the public charging meter.

“The public charge is a common sense approach that keeps the city clean and safe,” said Peoria Mayor Tom Fischbach.

While the rule was created to ensure that residents were treated fairly by parking meters, there are other reasons why residents pay to park in Peoria, including a large community of artists, musicians and the city’s arts community.

In the summer, the public charge will be paid to a private foundation, which then is paid to the city.

To make up for lost revenue, the city also is offering incentives to drivers to park for free or for a nominal fee.

There are no limits on the amount that can be collected.

Read more about Peoria Public Charge and Peoria’s Public Charge rules here: http://abc.net.au/au/business/business-news/peoria-peoria/parking-meter-fees-cities-state-parliament-state/a-2629097/