When you get the flu, your kids can count on a flu vaccine

The National Library of Wales has confirmed it has tested a vaccine that could be used to prevent flu this year in children in the UK.

The library’s chief executive, John Ruggles, said the vaccine, known as Flu-A, is being tested at its branches in the capital, Cardiff.

“We’ve tested the Flu- A vaccine in a number of branches, and we’ve had great results,” he said.

The vaccine contains a recombinant virus that is produced by the body to fight off influenza, but the library has not yet tested it in children.

Flu-R is designed to prevent the virus from being passed on.

“It works in the laboratory by making a virus that’s not infecting the host,” Mr Ruggls said.

“So it doesn’t require the host to have the flu virus, which makes it more accessible for people who need to be protected.”

Flu-a is designed for use in the NHS in Wales, but is not yet available to anyone else.

Mr Riggles said the Flu vaccine was being tested in hospitals in the country, and in the United Kingdom.

“There’s some interesting data that we’re seeing in the British government,” he added.

He said the library’s flu vaccine was also tested in children’s flu clinics in the US and Australia.