How to help a school in rural Tasmania get more money

On Sunday, the ABC’s 6PR program aired an exclusive interview with the owner of a school that lost $2 million last year.

The school was run by a private company, which has since been privatised.

The owner told the program he had to close because the school had become too expensive.

The company said it was also losing $1.3 million annually.

The ABC’s story said the school’s annual turnover of about $40 million was almost $1 million less than what it had been a year earlier.

The principal said the decision to close the school was about financial security and the school did not need to close.

But the ABC said the owner had claimed the school needed $6 million more in funding and a further $1 billion in debt to get back on track.

The CEO of the school said he was disappointed by the ABC story and the comments made by the CEO.

“He said the community was not supportive,” the CEO said.

“There’s nothing wrong with people saying that.

We’ve got a long way to go.

But he said that community was very concerned and there were many people in that community saying they weren’t happy with it.”

The CEO said the chief executive of the company had been in discussions with the government to help him find another school for the school to operate.

But a spokesman for the Minister for Education said he had no knowledge of the matter and was unable to comment.

The Minister for Employment said it would be inappropriate for the minister to comment on private businesses.