Which is better: The park or the parking?

jenkles park, park or parking public source The question has been on the minds of many as the city seeks to expand the number of parking spaces in downtowns parkland and make the downtown area more inviting.

The city is considering creating more parkland with parking spaces for residents and businesses.

But a new study from the National Park Foundation and the Urban Land Institute found that the number one problem in the parks is the lack of parking.

The parklands is the area of the city that gets most of its recreation and cultural attractions and that is often overlooked by visitors.

There are also a number of problems with the parks in the areas that it is most used.

According to the park, only 2% of the parkland is dedicated to parkland, which is more than double the national average.

The study said that more than 50% of all parkland in the United States is either undeveloped or not in use.

It also found that parkland parks are often overlooked for recreational uses and that there is often a disconnect between what the park is used for and what it should be used for.

The parks in particular have been in a tough spot, with the National Parks Conservation Association warning that the parks could become unaffordable to people if more and more people leave the area.

The issue has become a problem in other cities as well, with New York City looking to build parks in areas that are less densely populated.

In response to the findings, Mayor DeBlasio is hoping to build a more pedestrian friendly downtown area with the help of a $50 million plan.

It’s hoped that this plan will give the downtown more of a chance to be a pedestrian-friendly place to live.

There’s a lot of discussion around whether the new plan will be effective.

The National Park Society said that while the park plan is the most cost effective way to address the problem of vacant space in parks, it still won’t address the entire problem of park space being taken up by businesses and residents.

The society said that the plan will not address the issue of the parks being overused, because the parks would continue to be underused.

It’s also unclear if the city’s plan will make any difference in the citys downtown.

The area of downtown that has been a favorite for locals and tourists has been mostly vacant since the early 1990s.

The new plan would likely not make any changes to this area, because of the fact that it will also include a new park, the Park of the Year, and a new pedestrian bridge.