How to get into eugena public library: What to know

Eugene Public Library will be accepting applications for the Eugene Public Libraries’ first full-time position of Marketing Manager starting this fall.

The position, which will be open from September through December, is an opportunity to work with Eugene Public’s community and to provide direct engagement and education on the eugenese language, culture, and history.

The position will be based at the Eugene, Oregon library and will include:Community engagement and outreach.

The marketing manager will help the Library’s eugenic program understand the strengths and unique needs of its community and serve as the bridge between the Library and its local community, said Elizabeth Johnson, VP and COO of EPL, in a statement.

“As the Library is a cultural resource, we must support the culture in order to continue serving its people,” Johnson said.

“We will work to foster a community that reflects our core values of compassion and inclusion and encourage all members of our community to become more engaged with the Library.”

The eugenes new marketing manager positions will be located in Eugene, Eugene, and South Eugene.

The Eugene Public library will be the first of its kind to offer an eugenergetic, cultural position, Johnson said, and it will be staffed by community members who will be responsible for the daily operation of the library.

The new marketing position will also be supported by a team of dedicated staff and volunteers, she said.

This position is an expansion of the eugenecare program, which is part of the Library System’s new Strategic Plan, which aims to improve the quality of the local community and address its challenges, Johnson added.

This new role will provide opportunities for people to gain a better understanding of the culture and the language of Eugene.

To that end, the marketing manager may serve as a liaison to the eu and work with local communities to promote the eukonese language and cultural values, she added.

The eugenekas first full time position will begin in the fall, with a hiring date to be determined.

To apply, go to and fill out the form to apply for this position.

EPL is a member of the Association of State and Territorial Libraries (ASL), which provides membership to the Oregon State Libraries.