Indoor reading library opens in Indiana’s Capitol building

INDIANAPOLIS — Indoor reading book lounge and reading room open in the Indiana Capitol building.

The facility, which opened earlier this month, is a partnership between the State Library of Indiana and the American Library Association.

“It’s an important partnership for us to help build relationships with libraries, as they provide an important resource for people in need,” said Jill Smith, president of the Indiana Association of Library Departments, which represents more than 30 library systems.

“Indoor bookshelves are a wonderful way for our community to read in peace, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to build more relationships between libraries and communities across the state.”

The lounge, designed by New York-based design firm L-Studio, is the largest in the state and is the first library space to include a large screen.

The reading room is large enough for a full-size classroom.

A video on the library’s website shows patrons reading through books at the library.

The lounge is located in the center of the Capitol building and can seat up to 250 patrons.

There is a large, mirrored screen in the reading room and a second one in the library dining hall.

It is connected to the library by a shared space that seats up to 100.

The library is also building a smaller, outdoor reading room, located on the grounds of the building.

The smaller facility, designed to seat 25 people, will be open from March 31 to May 1.

It is the third such library space in Indiana.

Earlier this year, the Indiana State Library Board approved a $20,000 donation to the American Librarian Association to build a new library space at the Capitol.

The board also awarded $10,000 to a library system in the northern Indiana town of Wapello to build an outdoor reading space.