When public schools in Cincinnati, Ohio close, schools in other states are left scrambling to stay open

CINCINNATI — Public schools in a small Ohio town are closing, and many schools in several other states have closed because of the pandemic. 

The closure of Cincinnati Public Schools and its surrounding schools has caused an exodus of students, staff and other family members. 

“We have about 10,000 students who are in the program,” said Nancy Kuehl, Cincinnati Public School district’s director of human resources. 

In an interview, Kuehl said the district is working to keep the district open and that it will open up some of its facilities. 

But the district has already lost about $300,000. 

Kuehl said it will likely take several days for staff to resume work and schools will reopen Monday. 

Cincinnati Public Schools will begin reopening Thursday after the school district’s contract with the Department of Health and Human Services expired at midnight. 

A spokesman for the state Department of Education said the agency has not been notified of the closure, but is aware of the closures. 

According to Kuell, the district plans to provide extra help to students and their families in the coming days. 

It also will provide a shelter for students. 

Parents and guardians of students in the district will be notified on Friday that they will be given a voucher that will help cover the cost of meals and other necessities, Koehl said. 

Many of the district’s employees, including teachers, will be able to get paid raises as soon as they get back to work. 

Other schools that have closed are: Wyoming Public Schools, in Whitefish, Montana; New Braunfels, Texas; Lubbock, Texas, and Cameron County Public Schools in Houston. 

There are also school closures in Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Oregon, Colorado, Washington, Minnesota, Michigan, Minnesota-Twin Cities, Iowa, Minnesota and Iowa City. 

Schools that are open for business will be open as usual Monday through Thursday, Kuesl said.