Public schools have new records to keep, public defenders office says

Public schools in Albuquerque, New Mexico, are starting to start keeping records on students who are charged with misdemeanors.

Public defenders office spokeswoman Rachel Cervantes told Business Insider that Albuquerque Public Schools is using public records from the school district.

Cervanas said the office has been working on these records for the past two years.

Public records include records related to the suspension of a student for “disturbing the peace,” the school said.

Public Schools also keeps records on when a student is expelled from school and what happens when the student returns to school.

Albuquerque Public School spokesperson Sara Lefkowitz said in an email that the district was working on the records as well.

Public schools are required to keep records on school suspensions for students with a record of truancy, truancy offenses and repeat violations.

They are also required to notify parents when a teacher or student is suspended.

Albuquerque public schools did not have any records on this student.