A free public record of an interview with a Newcastle football player’s father is available in the UK

A former Newcastle United player’s daughter has made the first public record after a court ordered it.

The father of Aaron Campbell, 20, said his daughter had signed a document stating she had the right to see the transcript of the interview.

She had already made it to the Supreme Court after the judge ruled she had not been afforded the opportunity to see it, he said.

It’s about the freedom of speech, but I think there’s a certain amount of protection for journalists.

It’s important to remember that the court said she had been given the opportunity, but she had signed the document that said that she didn’t have the right.

The transcript of an earlier interview with the father, who played for Newcastle United, has also been made public.

Aaron Campbell was arrested on charges of possessing drugs and was bailed to return to Newcastle on May 19.

The court heard the interview took place at Campbell’s mother’s house on March 31, 2014.

“I think the courts have to protect people’s right to freedom of expression and that’s why I think they have to make public the transcript, and also I think the court has to protect the rights of journalists to have access to the transcripts,” he said, in a statement on Facebook.

“The transcript shows my daughter had the opportunity for the interview and that she was afforded that opportunity.”

Aaron Campbell, who is a midfielder for the New Zealand Under-20s, has denied the charges.

He was due to face trial on May 10.

But he has now said he will plead guilty to a lesser charge, which would allow him to avoid the charge altogether.

Aaron’s father said the decision to make the transcript public had been made because he believed it would make it easier for people to understand what he had to say.

“I feel like it’s important that people understand the process of what happened and how we went through it and what happened in our lives and what my daughter went through, and what she was able to achieve,” he told News Corp.

Aaron is not allowed to speak to the media.

He said the transcript would also help people understand why he took his daughter to court and why he wanted the court to hear the transcript.

“When the transcript was released to the public, it made it clear that I felt very strongly that I had a right to speak with her and to see what she went through and to make sure that she could go through what she had to go through in her life,” he added.

“That was something I needed to do.”

Aaron’s lawyer, Matthew Goss, said the public record was necessary for the public to see Aaron’s “full, emotional and complete” side of his story.

“This was a young child who was given an opportunity to tell her story,” he explained.

“Her father believes that she should be afforded the right for the record to be made public, and that is why he has decided to plead guilty.”