What you need to know about the Queensland floods

Queensland has declared a state of emergency after flooding triggered by the arrival of a huge ship carrying more than 2,000 migrants in a port in the south-east.

The ship, the Elisa, was brought to Brisbane from the Philippines, with an additional 2,500 migrants on board, by the Pacific Maritime Authority (PMA).

The Elisa was the first ship in the world to arrive from the south of the country, with Australia and Indonesia jointly contributing about 1,600 tonnes of cargo.

The arrival of the Elisae is likely to be a major setback for the Queensland Government.

Mr Newman said it was an “extremely dangerous and unprecedented event”.

“There’s been a significant amount of activity around this ship since we got into the port of Brisbane,” he said.

It’s dangerous for the people and for the economy, and we’re going to have to have a discussion about how to respond to this ship. “

There is no place for the ship to be in Queensland.

The PMA said it had been monitoring the ship for more than three weeks. “

Queensland’s economy depends on our ability to handle a ship like this.”

The PMA said it had been monitoring the ship for more than three weeks.

“In the past three weeks, the vessel has been assessed and the ship is safe and sound,” a spokesman said.

The Elis are owned by the Malaysian shipbuilding company Sinar Malaysia.

Mr Abbott said the ship had been sent by the PMA to assist in its return to its home port, Port Moresby.

“The PMA has been in contact with our foreign and Australian counterparts and will continue to do so,” he added.

“These are vessels with a history of being involved in illegal fishing and we will not tolerate that.”

The arrival was welcomed by the Queensland Premier, Brendon Grylls.

“This ship will certainly not be welcome in our state,” Mr Gryllskys spokesman said in a statement.

“However, the Queensland Labor Government is determined to find a solution to this crisis and has been meeting with PMA in recent days to discuss ways to support the ship’s return home.”

He said the PMAs “extensive consultation process” had been undertaken with “the Queensland community”.

The PMAs spokesperson said the Eliza was the only ship to enter Queensland’s port.

“PMA has notified the Queensland Maritime Safety Authority (MMSA) that the Elise is the only vessel to enter Port Moreby,” he told AAP.

“All other ships are being monitored by PMA.”

The Eliza arrived in Queensland from the southern Philippines on June 21.

It will be on the way to Port Morsby.

The PMs spokesperson said it would take about two weeks to inspect the ship and return it to Malaysia.

The government has also said the vessel will be subject to an internal inquiry.

The ABC understands there were about 150 people on board at the time of the ship being brought to PortMoresby, with many being stranded in the port due to the heavy flooding.

The cargo included 1,500 tonnes of fruit and vegetables, and other items.

Some of the cargo was sent to Port Melbourne, and a large container of water was delivered to the port.

The port is currently closed for the duration of the crisis.

A number of people are believed to be living in tents in the town centre, with the authorities warning residents to stay indoors.

The incident has sparked fears of a humanitarian crisis in the state, and calls for a swift response.

PMs spokeswoman said the Government would not be able to take a long-term view on the situation and would wait to hear from the PMs Joint Commissioner, a maritime law expert.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the Elizae arrival in Port Morysby,” she said.