When does the new school year begin?

New Delhi, Jan. 31 (ANI): As students get ready for the start of school, the clock is ticking for the new year.

As the government gears up for the first full school term, it will also be time for students to take on new responsibilities.

New Delhi’s first full-time school has opened and the city is set to see the start in March.

The government’s education minister has said the new-years will be a season of responsibility.

The new-year deadline will be February 15, with the school’s first class starting on Feb. 21.

New students will be enrolled on February 1.

The new-term begins with the students learning basic subjects and will last for three weeks.

The school, which will be run by the city’s government-run New Corporation of Schools (NCS), is designed to be the first of its kind in India.

The school is located on a busy street in Newton Public School, which has two separate classrooms and three schools.NCS has set the students’ first day for February 15.

The class starts with lessons on February 16.

The first class will be made up of children from poor families.

The rest of the class will consist of the children of middle-class families.

In a bid to bring more students in, the new class will take in students from the city.

The city’s first child-care centre has been set up at the school.

This will be the second school run by NCS after the Delhi Government’s National School for the Blind (NSPB) opened in 2009.

The NSPB has since become a major hub for the education of the blind.