Five things we learned from Edmond’s public schools report

The education report from the Department of Education (ED) in Edmond, West Australia has sparked outrage in the state.

Key points:Edmond’s report finds Edmond public school students do not receive adequate academic supportThe report says the lack of academic support is a major challenge for studentsEdmond schools have not received enough money from the state’s education department since 2009The report’s findings echo previous reports by the Victorian Education Authority and the Department for Education (DFE) that found Edmond pupils do not earn the level of academic and vocational support they need to succeed in their education.

The report comes after a string of damning reports from the State Government and the Victorian Public Schools (VPS) which have highlighted the challenges of schools in the Western Australian state.

Edmond Public Schools had a total of 14 teachers on the education team in 2017-18, compared to 20 for the VPS.

In the year to June 2018, just four teachers were on the school team, compared with 26 for the other schools.

The VPS has previously reported on concerns about the quality of education provided by the Edmond school system, including the fact that some of the school’s students do more GCSEs than the other students in the district.

It is also reported that the majority of the students attending the school do not graduate from high school, and some students do finish their high school degree at the age of 16.

But the report does say that there is good work being done by the school to support students in their journey to high school.

“There is a lot of work being carried out by the staff to make sure that they are well prepared and are ready to go to university,” Dr Roberta Huggins, the deputy director of the Education Authority, told the ABC.

“We know that the school has a very high level of support from the DFE and the state to make them well prepared to go and do the courses that they will need to graduate.”

So that’s one thing we are seeing.

“Dr Huggens said there was good work going on to support the teachers, but the report also highlighted that the lack, or lack of, financial support from government meant some of them were not being paid.”

Some of the staff have been getting support from other schools but they are not getting their full salary.

So that’s why there are some people who are on the frontline and not being able to get their full pay,” she said.”

It’s really hard work for teachers and students.

“Education Minister James Merlino said the Government was working to improve the school system.”

I understand the concerns about some of our teachers and the teachers are certainly being supported in terms of their pay and their support, and we’re working with our teachers to improve that situation,” he said.

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