How much will the public get in a public auction?

A new public auction will take place in Sydney next month to see if taxpayers will have to cough up enough money to fund the project, the ABC has learned.

The public auction is set to see a $15 billion plan unveiled by the Federal Government for the massive Sydney Harbour Bridge project, which will see Sydney become the first Australian city to host a permanent public holiday every day of the year.

The Sydney Harbour bridge project is one of the largest infrastructure projects in the country, costing $1.5 trillion to build.

The plan, which has yet to be officially unveiled, is expected to attract bids for about $40 billion, or more than twice the total amount spent on Sydney’s current public transport system.

It’s also expected to generate about $4 billion a year for Sydney’s hospitals and schools.

The Government says the public auction process is “free, fair and transparent”.

“The public will have a say in the design of the new public holiday, and it will be in line with the Australian public’s views on what a fair, transparent and affordable public holiday is,” Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian said in a statement on Tuesday.

“We will work with the community to deliver a fair and affordable holiday for everyone, and ensure that the cost of these public holidays is sustainable for future generations.”

Ms Berejisklian says a public holiday will be announced in the coming weeks, and that a new proposal for public holiday pricing will be published next month.ABC Fact Check asked the Minister about the public bid process, and she said it was “not something that’s going to be announced at this stage”.

“As part of the public process, I have to say that the public will be able to vote on the proposal and the public have the opportunity to give input to the Government on the design and what kind of price that would be,” she said.

“The price will be set by the Government, and the Government will then decide the price.”

The ABC contacted the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development for comment, but a spokesperson did not reply.

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