What you need to know about a woman who’s making a name for herself in Michigan’s public restrooms

The name Charlotte Goring is on the lips of some of Michigan’s most elite universities, including the University of Michigan and the University at Buffalo.

But for Goring, she’s not just any university student.

She’s a female college student who’s earning national attention for her work as the public restrooms at a public university in the state of Michigan are deemed the most intimate spaces for women in America.

The story of Goring’s story was first reported by ABC News and confirmed by the University’s Public Affairs Department.

In an exclusive interview with ABC News, Goring said the restroom experience at her school was not a comfortable one, but she did not have the time or energy to explore other options.

Goring said she was asked by the school to clean the restroom during a test for her English class, and that she felt uncomfortable, especially during her breaks, when she could not be alone.

Gores experience was so unique and uncomfortable, she said she started to question whether or not she should stay in the restroom.GORE: I just had to decide to do something, and I felt like if I didn’t, this is what I’m going to do for the rest of my life.

That was the first time that I felt uncomfortable and I didn, so I thought, OK, I’m not going to go through this.

And that’s how I started to think, ‘Maybe I should leave.’

So that’s why I started working as a restroom attendant.

It was like being in a public restroom for a year, and then I started getting to know it better.

And I just wanted to help people and just help them get through the day.

And it was a very hard job and it was exhausting, but I loved it and I just kind of wanted to continue to do it.GORING: There were definitely moments where I just felt like I had to get out and just go to the bathroom.

I just had this sense that I didn�t want to be there anymore, and it just got to be too much.

It just felt so lonely.

And I kind of thought, maybe I can help this guy out a little bit and help him have some privacy.

That�s how I ended up going to work as a public restrooms attendant.

There was no money, no job security.

I was just like, �This is it, I have to do this.

I have no other options.�GORE was told that there was an emergency in the restrooms, but the restroom attendant, who is named as Melissa, said she did have a little money left over.GARY: She told me to make some phone calls.

I was like, ‘I need to call my mom and tell her I have a job.

You need to get me some money, because you need this job.

I don�t have any other options.’

And I called my mom.GORY: I said, ‘Mom, I�m a public bathrooms attendant, I don’t have money.

I need to have money to get myself out of here.’

And she said, �No, it�s not that.

You are the only one who can get money out of this bathroom.

There�s a man out there that wants to clean this restroom.

If you are going to clean it, you have to go.’GORE, who was able to find $1,000 by calling her parents, said her mother and father were supportive.

She also said that when Melissa saw her, she was surprised and excited.GERALD GORE: She came in, and she said I just want to say that I appreciate what you do.

She said, I know you don�ts have a lot of money.

She told you you work really hard and you do a really good job.

And she said that was pretty special.

But then she told me, she just went through her money.

And she was like ‘OK, let�s see if we can get you out of there.’

And that was the last time I saw her.

She went to work the next day, and a little while later she was still working.

Gary said Melissa told her she was going to come back the next morning to get the money, and the next thing she knew, she had the money.

She said that after a while she had to take a break from the job, and when she did return, she found out that the restroom had been shut down for a little over a week.

She was devastated.

Gore said Melissa said,�I told her I can’t do this anymore.

I can�t keep this up.

I am tired of it.

And theres not a whole lot I can do about it.�Gore, who said she hopes that others can see that this is a very difficult situation and not something they should be ashamed of,