How to become a better athlete with the right diet

If you want to make sure you’re as fit as your favorite NFL star, you’ll need to start eating right. 

It’s the reason so many NFL players go to the gym, which is a staple of the NFL’s offseason diet. 

But when it comes to getting ripped, there are many options, from a strict Paleo-style diet to a high-protein, high-fat diet.

“I think there’s a lot of confusion about what is Paleo, what is a Paleo-like diet,” said Dr. David DeGioia, professor of medicine and nutrition at Boston University School of Medicine.

“There are a lot that are really different.”

The Paleo diet is based on a strict, nutrient-rich diet, which includes eating foods that are rich in essential amino acids and fats, such as fish, poultry, and meat. 

DeGioias study, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that high-quality protein was key to making the most of the diet, with protein intake ranging from 25 grams to 65 grams per day, with an average intake of 60 grams.

“Protein intake is the biggest determinant of muscle mass, which determines muscle size and strength,” DeGios said. 

“That is what you need to be eating.”

DeGios recommended a high protein intake for athletes, especially when competing on a weekly basis.

“We’re seeing that more and more athletes are looking to increase their protein intake, which will increase their performance,” DeGs said.

“I think that it’s not about the amount of protein you eat.

You need to get enough protein in the diet to be able to get the necessary amount of calories.”

For athletes who don’t want to rely on meat for protein, DeGiacos suggested a plant-based diet, such, a legume, such a bean, or even kale. 

For the majority of athletes, DeGs recommends that they eat a plant based diet and stick with it.

“The only time you need meat is when you’re really, really hungry,” he said.

“And it’s very important that you don’t get sick from meat and don’t eat meat if you are in a vegetative state.”

While it’s easy to start with a vegan diet, DeGuias recommended avoiding the processed, artificial ingredients found in the popular Paleo brands. 

His advice? 

“There are so many ingredients in the food that are highly processed and artificial that I don’t think that’s healthy,” he added.

“If you’re going to start out a vegan, you need more knowledge about plant-powered products.”