Ars Technic’s Ars Technics staff review Arlington public school’s new school board

Ars Technico’s staff review the Arlington Public School District’s new board, which was announced Wednesday.

Ars Technia staff will provide its first-ever look at the board, including a look at its leadership, governance, and governance processes.

The board has been in office since June.

In its announcement, Arlington Public Schools said it was “taking the lead in ensuring that Arlington’s students are safe, and have access to the resources they need to thrive and succeed.”

The district’s chief financial officer, Charles Gebhard, said in a statement the board “will lead by example, in a school that embraces equity, inclusion, and diversity.

This includes an equal opportunity approach to hiring and retaining employees, with a strong emphasis on equity and inclusion.”

The announcement also included a “leadership council” of nine candidates to represent Arlington public schools in the upcoming elections.

The district plans to hire an interim board for the next school year.

Ars readers can nominate candidates for the board to be announced later this month.