Rochester Public Schools v Weston Public Library

Weston Public Libraries, an independent, community-based, library, has been a sponsor of the Rochester Rovers for decades.

Now the Rovers are joining the Weston Public libraries in offering the Rochas library a special edition of the Premier League fixture on their own TV channel.

In a statement, the Roaches say: We are delighted to offer Rochasa public library and Weston Public library an exclusive Premier League match on their respective channels.

The Premier League will be shown live on both channels, in the interest of transparency, while the Rojans match will be played on its own channel. 

The Roaches statement says the Premier league fixture is being played on a new channel, which is an “enhanced, high definition, digital platform”.

The Premier league is the oldest in English football, with its first fixture played in 1775.

The format, and the broadcast, is the same as the one used for other major English sports including the Football League, Rugby League, Premier League and Women’s Super League. 

“We’re excited to have this partnership with, a community-led, non-profit organization that has made a positive impact on our community for decades,” said Roaches CEO and General Manager Dan Gerson.

“The Premier League is a fixture we are proud to have broadcast, and we’re looking forward to having the Roachs players in the stands for this match.”

This will be a unique opportunity to bring a game that is already well known to our community to a new audience and create a unique experience for our supporters. 

This will also allow the Rojava public library to be an additional, visible partner to the platform.

We are looking forward for a great match and wish the RoC supporters a great day.