How the city of Indianapolis is closing its public library and turning it into a tech startup hub

By Mark FuhrmanA new digital technology startup is poised to change how the city plans to pay for its massive pension obligations.

The Plainfield Public Library in Plainfield, Indiana is shutting down and turning into a new tech startup company called Blueprint.

The idea is to make the library more accessible, accessible and affordable to residents of Plainfield.

This is going to be something we see in other cities around the country, Fuhrer said.

The library has about 10,000 books and a lot of them are hard to get.

So what Blueprint is going do is we’re going to give them free, and they’ll be able to get access to them from anywhere in the world and they can access it in any language they want.

We have a huge library, we have a lot, and it’s very, very expensive, and we have to be very careful with the money that we spend to maintain that library and to keep it open and accessible.

But this is going have the greatest impact in the community, said Joe Dominguez, the library’s director of operations.

We’re seeing some of our most-used books and materials being digitized and put online, Fuchrman said.

This will allow us to bring those books and the materials that are really relevant to people to the people in our community.

Fuhrer is also hopeful that Blueprint will help ease the transition for some of his fellow library patrons who had to find other ways to get to and from the library.

Fuhrsa said Blueprint’s goal is to create an environment where people are able to access library services in the same way that they have access to public transportation, for example.

In Plainfield itself, the city is looking to make things a little bit easier.

The city is currently working with Blueprint to digitize and put the books online for patrons.

This should be a great experience for people, Fuchs said.

Blueprint is not the only new startup looking to help the city prepare for the transition.

The Plainfield City Council recently approved a new “public works” budget, which will be funded by $5 million from the city’s pension fund.

The money will go toward a series of upgrades at the library and nearby businesses, including new computers, security cameras and more.