What you need to know about public school teacher’s union lawsuit

In a decision filed Tuesday, the Florida Board of Education ruled that the teachers union filed a false complaint about the use of a restroom at a high school in Henrico County that violated the Florida Constitution.

The union had filed a complaint with the Florida State Attorney General’s office in February, alleging that the high school had violated the First Amendment rights of a student who complained about a female teacher using the restroom at the school.

The complaint was ultimately dismissed, but the school district argued that it was entitled to enforce the state law that prohibits discrimination based on sex in school facilities.

A state district court judge sided with the school, ruling that the district could use the bathroom as a matter of common-sense.

The Florida Board said in a statement that the judge’s decision “should serve as a warning to schools that the public health and safety needs of their students are paramount.”

The union has argued that the school should not have been allowed to use the restroom and that the restroom should have been designated for students of the same sex.