What happens when you have to take off your clothes for public schools?

The kennel at a public elementary school in Akron, Ohio, has been closed because of the outbreak of the coronavirus, according to an email obtained by The Associated Press.

The school is located near a public playground, and it was closed for a time as part of a health inspection program.

After the inspection, the school was reopened after the lockdown was lifted, Akron Public Schools spokeswoman Kelly Gertz said.

“We were able to reopen the school and have all the students in the school as they are,” Gerts said.

The school was closed on Saturday, Aug. 29, for the first time since the outbreak started.

The quarantine policy that was put in place on Sept. 1 requires that schools remain closed for 30 days.

The state’s primary health care authority said it is monitoring all of the schools, and will issue a new quarantine policy at a later date.

The schools in Akron are among the public schools in the state that have closed.

Students were allowed to return to the school on Aug. 31, but that was a short-term temporary measure that is not in effect for the rest of the school year, according the Ohio Department of Education.

There was no immediate response from the CDC to the AP’s request for information about how many students have been admitted.

While the outbreak has been concentrated in Ohio, many schools are not in Ohio.

As of Wednesday, about 4,300 students have tested positive for the virus, according a State of Ohio Department for Health report.

About 6,700 students are still being monitored for coronaviruses.

There are about 7,500 schools across the country that are part of the state’s “exclusionary” school district, meaning they do not have to allow students from outside the district to enter the school.