The Best Public Universities in the World

The following is a list of the best public universities in the world, according to the 2018 U.S. News & World Report ranking of the world’s best public colleges.1.

U.C. Berkeley (California) The University of California Berkeley was founded in 1848.

The school’s main campus is in the city of Berkeley, California.

Its primary enrollment is about 2.5 million students, with the remainder from across the state of California and abroad.2.

Cornell University (New York) Cornell University has a total enrollment of about 17.7 million students and is one of the most highly ranked public universities of all time.3.

Stanford University (California, U.K.)

The largest university in the United States, Stanford University is ranked as the third-best public university in America.

The university has more than 18,000 undergraduate and graduate students, according the U.N. data.4.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Illinois) The flagship university of the University of Chicago, the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIIT) is one the world-renowned research universities in technology and engineering.

It is located in Chicago, Illinois.5.

Princeton University (United States) Princeton University is a public university located in Princeton, New Jersey.

Its main campus, the University Center, is located at the intersection of the City of New York and State Route 9 in Princeton.6.

Princeton Theological Seminary (United Kingdom) Princeton Theology Seminary is a private institution founded in 1610 by Thomas Aquinas.

Its campus is located on the campus of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Cambridge, Massachusetts.7.

University College London (United Arab Emirates) The largest private Christian university in London, the university is the only one in England that has a major campus in the Middle East.8.

University Of Colorado Boulder (Colorado) The school is one among the world leaders in renewable energy, with solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, tidal, geosynchronous, and wave energy.

It has more solar panels than any other university in North America.9.

UCL (United Kingdoms) UCL is a member of the UK’s elite Russell Group, which is a leading financial institution.10.

Princeton College (United states) The university is one part of the Princeton University chain of four universities.11.

California State University-Bakersfield (California), UCSB (United Statewide) The state’s largest public university, UCSMB is a premier research university with a total undergraduate enrollment of more than 25,000.12.

University At Buffalo (United New York State) The college is home to the world famous Buffalo Bills, one of America’s oldest professional sports teams.13.

University at Albany (New Hampshire) The nation’s largest private liberal arts university, University at Buffalo is one in the nation’s top 20 research universities.14.

University University of Washington (Washington state) The Washington state university is home of the UWA and the University Association.15.

Massachusetts Institute of Polytechnic Institute (MIT) The Massachusetts Institute for Science and Technology is one its largest universities.

It serves the state’s capital of Boston, as well as other nearby cities, and is ranked in the top 20 in the U