Kmart’s decision to close over the Christmas break may hurt school districts

Kmart has announced plans to close its stores in the Seattle area during the holiday shopping period, with a final decision expected within days.

Kmart is facing a shortage of cash, and some of its stores have been closed since the beginning of the year, as its cash-strapped cashiers struggle to meet the needs of customers.

“We have made a decision to take action during the Christmas holiday shopping season, including closing some of our stores,” a Kmart spokesperson told The Hindu.

“We will continue to make all efforts to meet our customers’ needs, but we will not be able to do so during the current holiday season.”

Kmart announced in February that it would close stores around the country during the busy shopping period in a bid to make up for a dwindling supply of cash.

The retailer’s stores in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Philadelphia, where the largest number of Kmart stores are located, had been closed in March, while the Seattle-area stores had been shuttered for two months.

The retailer has already started moving employees out of the stores, and said it plans to offer employees new jobs in other locations.

The company is currently selling its new clothing line, and it has also announced plans for a new video game line and a new sports store.