What are public schools doing about sex ed?

Public school teachers have been busy updating their lessons on sex education in the wake of the Newtown shootings.

On Thursday, they’re meeting in an open house to share what they’re doing to help students learn about consent and safe sex.

Public schools in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and San Diego are also sharing their lessons, according to NBC affiliate WCBS.

They’re also giving free sex ed to students in their classrooms.

“It’s really important for our students to know about these issues and how important it is to have these conversations,” said Melissa Smith, a former teacher at Newton Public Schools.

“We have to have a conversation and educate our students about how to safely engage in sex.”

Many of the public schools are also offering online tools to help teens better navigate sex.

In the coming weeks, the schools will also have free sex education for students at the Newton Public High School, a public school in Newton, Massachusetts.