How to deal with bullying in public schools

The bullying in school has become a major concern for parents in Bellevue Public Schools after an 18-year-old student was suspended for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat in class.

It happened earlier this week.

A student from the Bellevue Public School district was suspended after a student in a class with him tried to ask the student’s name, his mother told CBC News.

It’s a problem that parents across Canada are worried about, according to Karen Cramer.

The mother said her son’s experience has shaken her and the community.

“I was just so happy for my son that he got suspended,” she said.

“But it was just really sad that his name was not being called.”

A school official told CBC they’re reviewing the situation and looking into it, but there are no plans to make changes at this time.

Bellevue is a suburb of Toronto, but parents across the country have said they have had a similar experience with bullying.

The school system is still working on the bullying issue, and the district is still receiving complaints.

In 2016, a student from a different public school in Edmonton was suspended by a teacher after wearing a Trump hat.

The Edmonton School Board said the student was not disciplined.

It took a month to determine that the student wasn’t the subject of a complaint.

That incident has been used as a model for the district in other schools, said Laura Cramer, a spokesperson for the board.

“It’s just a matter of getting it right,” Cramer said.

The student was also allowed to wear his Trump hat on a school day.

Cramer also said she doesn’t think it was a case of bullying per se, but an inappropriate situation that was being dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Parents in Bellevues district were shocked that the suspension was overturned, and are upset about how it was handled.

“We’re so concerned about bullying and harassment in our schools,” Coder said.

She said the district has a plan in place to prevent bullying and the suspension should be reconsidered, but it hasn’t been.

“That’s what we want to see happen,” she added.

They’re just not getting this right.” “

They’re not getting it wrong.

They’re just not getting this right.”

Parents in Calgary, Ont., have said the school system has been handling bullying with a “zero tolerance” approach.

The city of Calgary has been working to improve its bullying policies, including offering support for parents who feel they’ve been targeted.

But the system has come under fire for the recent suspension of a boy in Calgary.

He was suspended from school for wearing Trump hats and being a racist.

He said his family didn’t feel safe when he was in school.