How to use the public schools API to build your own interactive app for the Houston Public Library

Public education is a hot topic these days, as the number of schools across the U.S. and the world are opening up and expanding, thanks in large part to a series of public initiatives aimed at helping students succeed.

Some have opened with the idea of making a library a great place to learn about history and culture.

Others have made an app that’s designed to bring children closer to the library.

Now there’s another school-based app that promises to do just that.

And the company behind it is one of the largest providers of educational apps to schools in the U, and has a lot of experience building apps for education.

The idea behind the Public Education app is to make it easier for students to learn in a way that’s both interactive and accessible to parents, students, teachers, and the general public.

But what makes it so different is the app also uses the library’s APIs.

“It’s an app for every school, from elementary through high school,” says Matt DeCuyper, who heads up Public Education.

“It’s designed for anyone in the public school system, and for any teacher who wants to create an interactive experience.”

DeCuyer is also the founder and CEO of the Austin-based, Austin-led Public Education Collaborative.

The Public Education team is responsible for the creation of the app, which is available for free download.

The app is also designed to be accessible to anyone, whether you’re a teacher or not, DeCuell says.

“We’re just building an app to allow you to go to any public school in Texas, or anywhere in the world, and create an educational experience,” he says.

The app uses a simple web app that allows students to quickly browse through topics and learn about them.

It’s meant for children who are starting their first year in school, DeConuell explains.

Students can browse through the topics, and then find an answer to a question on a quiz.

The quiz is a fun way for students, Deconuell adds, to interact with a resource like the library that they’re interested in.

“The more you interact with the app,” DeConuches says, “the more they become familiar with the library, the more they get excited about learning more about it.”

It’s also a great way to introduce children to their own libraries, he adds.

Public Education’s app doesn’t just look at the libraries that you can access from the web, but also those that are available at the library system, or those that the public library has in its archives.

“There are so many resources in the library systems around the world that kids could go to and learn more about them,” DeCuches explains.

“That’s really what we want to give them a way to learn more.”

The Public Education App has been downloaded nearly 10 million times, DeDecches says.

That’s more than any other library app in the App Store, and DeConuce says that number is growing.

“I think the kids are really excited about this app because it’s designed so they can really connect to their local library and have an experience,” DeDecca says.