How to help public schools with public butt plugs


— You can buy public butt pucks in the public schools in California for $2.49.

But you can’t buy them at the school gymnasiums or at your neighborhood library, and you can only find them in the private clubs of the wealthiest students.

That’s because the public school system in California has closed public schools for a period of time because of a statewide budget crisis, and it’s now looking to raise money for an extra $50 million by offering private schools the opportunity to offer butt plugs.

The $50,000 a year incentive is part of a deal that will start for schools in the coming months, with the goal of raising $1 billion in funding.

“We’re looking to create more public schools,” said Dr. Gary Johnson, who directs the California Department of Education.

“We’re also looking to have them serve the public interest in a different way.”

Private schools have traditionally been allowed to use public school bathrooms, and the idea of paying them to have public buttpucks in their classrooms was first floated last year.

But since then, they have been barred from using the facilities.

As a result, the California Public School District has decided to change that.

The district is offering $50 for each butt plug purchased through the end of the first year of its incentive program, which will be in effect until June 30, 2019.

Private schools will also be allowed to offer public butt paddles at their own schools.

The schools can be located anywhere in the state, but they must also provide a school-wide video demonstration.

To make it more attractive, the district is asking schools to have a video of their students performing the act of butt-pumping on a public stage.

The district is also offering $1,000 for every buttplug sold through the incentive program.

While the district wants to make public schools a bit more appealing to the general public, it also wants to encourage private schools to offer their students a way to promote abstinence.

If students are interested in participating, they must sign up online at, which is run by the California State Teachers Association.

It also will allow schools to provide a video demonstration of the act at each public event.

In addition to the $50 cash payment, students can earn an additional $1 each time they buy a butt plug through the school voucher program.

The vouchers are available for public schools and private schools.

Some private schools already offer the act, but the district hopes to increase the number of schools offering it to as many as 10,000 schools, with a goal of having 1,000 buttpumps on school grounds.

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