Hillary Clinton’s lawyers say she’s done enough public service

NEW YORK — Hillary Clinton, the former Democratic presidential candidate who was the first female U.S. president, will retire in the spring, her lawyer said Wednesday, as she seeks to regain momentum and prepare to enter a second term.

The lawyer for Clinton, Marc Elias, told the Associated Press she plans to retire at the end of the year after serving as secretary of state under President Barack Obama and a former senator and first lady.

She has served as president of the American Public University, the nation’s oldest public university.

Her attorney, Marc E. Elias, said in a statement that she was “very appreciative” for the opportunity to serve.

“We have a great group of friends and colleagues who have helped to build the American public university in ways that are beyond recognition, including President Elizabeth Dole, the late John Kennedy, President Bill Clinton, former presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, and a group of other distinguished alumni,” Elias said.

Clinton, 68, was re-elected in 2016, the first time in her career that she won an election in her first year as president.

Her victory was hailed as a historic milestone, even by many in the Democratic Party, and Clinton became the first woman to be nominated for a major party presidential nomination.

But she also drew criticism from many progressives, including Sen. Bernie Sanders, who challenged her in the 2016 Democratic primary, as well as Republicans who wanted her to focus on domestic issues and work to end what they view as Clinton’s record of Wall Street influence.

She had also been criticized by some liberals for her handling of the 2016 presidential campaign and for a controversial email controversy that erupted last summer that resulted in her removal from her post as secretary, but she denied those allegations.