How to get a good deal on your next holiday

New York City’s public library system has launched a new loyalty program designed to lure more of its patrons.

The city has offered its library systems’ customers a 10% discount on book purchases in exchange for their loyalty, according to the New York Times.

The loyalty program is a way for libraries to attract patrons who may not otherwise frequent the city’s public libraries, the newspaper reported.

It also comes at a time when libraries are struggling to make up for the loss of traditional booksellers who have left in recent years.

Libraries across the city offer similar deals to those in other US cities, including New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington, DC.

The program was launched in the summer and will be offered until the end of the year, according the Times.

A spokeswoman for New York Public Library said the loyalty program was an effort to “improve service to our patrons, as well as promote the library as an attractive destination for the community.”

Librarians are not the only ones trying to attract book lovers.

The Chicago Public Library announced a similar loyalty program for book buyers in March, the Chicago Tribune reported.

It’s a good idea for libraries, too.

“A good library is the place to go if you’re looking for something new, if you want something different, if it’s something that’s different from what you’ve come to in the past,” said Lisa Kwan, co-founder of The Book Room, a library service for older adults in Chicago.

“And it’s the place where you can go to connect with other people who are in that same age group.”

If you’re a library card holder, you can join the loyalty.

Librarians who sign up will be able to receive an annual discount on their first book purchase, the Times reported.

Librars who don’t sign up for an annual library card can sign up to receive a discount of up to 25% on their next book purchase.

You can sign in to the loyalty with your library card, which you’ll be able use to visit any of the library’s locations, according TOKYO BIRTHDAY.

Lenders can then add your library as a customer to their mailing list and receive a coupon for a library gift card, according a statement from the library.

Loyalty programs for library card holders also include discounts for library gift cards, according.