How to get free public school meals and help get the word out

The Columbus Public Library has posted a new public service announcement, asking people to call their local public health nurse if they have a public health issue and want to report it.

Public health nurses will be reaching out to people in their community to collect information, including information about outbreaks, and then will be calling those people to help them with their symptoms.

“If you are having a public concern and are able to reach out, I want to hear from you,” said Brenda J. Schulze, executive director of the Columbus Public Health Authority.

“We want to make sure we’re connecting you with the right resource for you and your family.”

If you have an emergency, call your local public library.

Public libraries in Columbus are offering free flu shots and free flu testing to the public for anyone over the age of 21.

If you have questions about your local library, you can contact them at (614) 831-4242 or the library at (513) 871-6245.

The library says it will also offer flu vaccinations at participating schools.

The Columbus Public Libraries Public Health Nurse is working to reach everyone with their public health needs.