Which of the following is the most famous sex act in the world?

Boise public libraries’ “boil it in” program is a fun and refreshing way to relax and enjoy your favorite beverage while having some privacy.Boil it In, a public library service, has been around for about six years.Each year the Boise Public Library is hosting a boil it up night where patrons can enjoy a selection […]

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How to handle sexual harassment allegations

Newton Public Schools (NPS) will be conducting a “sexual harassment awareness” training for teachers.The training will take place on Monday and Tuesday from 9am to 2pm.The new policy comes after the school district announced that it was conducting a sexual harassment awareness training for all staff. On Tuesday, Superintendent Tom Condon said he had spoken with […]

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How to find a new public good in the blockchain era

The idea of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are both a huge boon for business and governments alike, but as a new technology, it has many limitations.This article takes a look at some of those limitations and how you can use blockchain technology to get a new idea going in your own business or government.The idea: […]

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The truth behind the ‘secret’ Phoenix program

The truth about the Phoenix Program, which was first revealed in a 2009 investigation by the U.S. Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, is far more complicated than we were led to believe.While it may seem that the program was a secret for a time, there was no such thing as a secret until President George […]

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It’s Not Just a Pool, It’s a Social Hub

The concept of a social hub is something that has been around for quite some time.It has been used to create a platform where users can discuss and exchange ideas.Today, the concept is also a powerful tool for organizations to share and share more.There are many different ways to use a social media platform, and […]

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State law protects employees who leak Florida governor’s emails

Public records florsida has some of the strictest laws protecting public servants in the nation.It requires that they sign a nondisclosure agreement with a public servant.Public servants who breach that agreement are prohibited from speaking to the press.Public servants who knowingly leak the contents of a public record, such as a county sheriff’s deputy’s email […]

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