Viral photos of public health nurses, patients and employees in India reveal a disturbing picture of public decency

The Times Of India, a daily newspaper, on Thursday published a series of viral photos showing public health workers, nurses and students in India’s public showers, bathing rooms and private schools in the name of ‘public hygiene’.

The photos, taken by a resident of the western city of Ahmedabad, reveal the presence of the most vulnerable citizens of the country, including pregnant women, pregnant women and children, among others, who are not able to wash themselves or their bodies in public.

The photos are from Ahmedabad’s Public Health College, the largest public health college in India.

The photos show the toilets and other facilities in the campus, including a public shower and an underground swimming pool.

The images were taken at the college, which serves about 4,000 students and teachers.

The college has also hosted a number of public events in the past, including one to commemorate the birth of the first child in the family of the college’s principal, Ashok, on February 9.

The school is a national leader in public health and was awarded the prestigious India 2020 Prize in 2019.

The award was given for providing public health services to over 300 million people in the country.