How to create your own Facebook ads

A year ago, the social media company Facebook created its first ad system for publishers.

Now, it’s trying to use that system to bring publishers their own advertising dollars.

In its first step, Facebook is offering publishers a new ad buying platform called “AdMob,” which is designed to give publishers an easy way to build and sell their own branded ads.

Publishers can set up AdMob accounts with an app on their phones or computers.

The ad agency can then buy ads on behalf of their publishers through Facebook.

Publisher’s can then sell their ads to advertisers via Facebook and get paid for the ad impressions generated.

AdMob is meant to help publishers create more revenue from their Facebook pages, which Facebook has seen as its biggest growth market.

In the last year, Facebook’s revenue from advertising on its Facebook pages grew by nearly 70% to $14.4 billion, according to a report from research firm Gartner.

Publisher AdMob also lets publishers get paid to create ad images on Facebook pages.

Facebook says it’s working on a more granular way for publishers to earn money from the ad network, but said in a statement that the “ad network” will not be a pay-per-click advertising platform.

Ads on Facebook and other social networks can be targeted to specific people based on their likes, likes of specific brands, likes to specific social media groups, likes that are shared with friends, or other demographic data.

Ads that feature photos of friends can also be purchased.

Publisher ads are paid based on how many people see them.

Facebook wants publishers to make sure that publishers have a “high visibility” on Facebook, which allows advertisers to target their ads more accurately.

Publisher ad revenue has grown by a significant margin in the last five years, according a report by research firm IDC.

That’s largely because advertisers are able to target ads more effectively because they can spend more money and more time targeting ads.

But publishers are not the only ones who want a better way to monetize their pages.

Some publishers also want to earn more money by selling ads to publishers.

Facebook recently launched an ad buying service called AdSense, which is meant for publishers who want to build a more integrated advertising ecosystem.

But it’s still unclear how publishers can use AdSense to generate more revenue, as they can’t directly sell ad impressions to advertisers.

Advertisers also have a choice of two ad networks: Facebook and AdMob.

Facebook allows publishers to buy ads through Facebook, but publishers are also able to sell their ad impressions directly through AdSense.

AdSense allows publishers and advertisers to sell the same ads through AdMob, but only with publishers that share the same ad network.

Publisher and ad agency AdSense are meant to be used together to create an ad-buying and selling system.

But publishers will be able to add advertisers to AdSense at any time, according the company’s announcement.

Facebook also announced a new platform called AdMob Live that lets publishers and ad agencies share AdSense ads directly to Facebook Live.

Publisher advertisers can also choose to share AdMob ads with their publishers directly, and publishers can share Admob ads with publishers directly through Facebook Live and with AdSense’s ad network at any given time.

Publisher publishers will also be able sell their AdMob ad impressions and receive payments for them directly to publishers via Facebook Live, according AdSense CEO Joe Sullivan.

Publisher advertisements will be paid based upon how many viewers see them, according Facebook’s announcement, though that payment can vary depending on how viewers viewed the ad.

Publisher advertising revenue has also grown by nearly 40% to more than $13.5 billion since Facebook launched its advertising platform in 2014, according data from research company Gartners.

Facebook and its partners are now in a position to monetise publishers more effectively, but there is a catch.

Advertisers can’t pay publishers directly directly through ad networks.

Publisher Publisher ads are also paid based “on how many views” they get, and advertisers can get paid by viewers based on the amount of views they receive, according Gartns.

Publisher publisher ads are only paid based off the amount that viewers see, not the amount viewers share with friends.

Advertising on Facebook publishers can still sell their content to advertisers directly.

Facebook said that ad sales will be handled through Facebook’s ad agency partners.

Publisher Ads on Facebook can also directly sell to advertisers, according company executives.

AdAdvertiser publishers will still be able target ads to their Facebook friends, but they won’t get paid based solely on the views of those friends, according Sullivan.

The AdMob system is meant as a way for advertisers to “help publishers grow their audience, expand their revenue stream, and earn revenue for the publishers themselves,” Sullivan wrote in the company blog post.

PublisherAdSense has also introduced a new revenue stream for publishers: AdSense Advertiser Ad Exchange.

This is an ad exchange service that gives publishers a way to sell ad units to advertisers through AdExchange.

Publishers can sell the AdExchanges ad units directly to