Public sector unions will be among the first to be impacted by Brexit

Union leaders say they will be the first of the public sector to lose its contract with the government.

Key points:Union leaders say the Brexit talks could delay pay rises for staffThe union says there will be “no jobs in the public service”The union’s leaders have called on members to show solidarity with the public they work forA series of union leaders have backed a motion of no confidence in the government, saying the talks could hinder pay rises and derail Brexit talks.

They have written to the Government and the Trade Union Bill Committee (TRAC) calling on the public servants they represent to show their support.

“It is a matter of grave concern that the Government’s proposals for a two-year contract are not acceptable to public sector unions, who will now be the only bargaining force that will be affected by the negotiations,” they wrote.

“This is a direct consequence of the Government not fulfilling its constitutional obligations and the threat of leaving the EU.”‘

No jobs in public service’The union said it would not “move to the sidelines” and will use its bargaining powers to stop the government from delivering on the promises made in the Brexit negotiations.

“The public sector should not be at the mercy of the government’s negotiating tactics, it should be a stakeholder in these negotiations, and our public sector union will not allow this to happen,” the statement said.

The union also criticised the government for the way it dealt with the issue of pay increases, saying it did not meet the legal requirements for it to be included in the deal, and that it was “not in a position to make any recommendations”.

It said it had been given the chance to discuss the pay rises, but it did so “in a completely undemocratic and disrespectful way” and was not given the opportunity to present its views to government.

“If public sector employees are to be given the right to earn and keep a living wage, they must be treated equally, with full protections in law and in practice,” it said.

“We will be voting against this Government, not for it.”

The union has called on the government to “respect the democratic process” and respect its “right to withdraw” the agreement, which it says is in the “best interests of public service workers and taxpayers”.

“The Government’s refusal to negotiate in a fair, transparent and transparent manner and its failure to respect the democratic processes in place in the Government have led to the erosion of public trust in our democracy and its impact on the economy, as well as the wider public,” it added.

The statement comes after the Government issued a warning to the public over Brexit negotiations, saying a two year deal with public sector workers was “no longer an option”.

It also warned that “if the Government continues to delay or undermine our ability to negotiate on our behalf, we will move to the sideline and strike, and the public will have no jobs in this country”.

“We must not allow the Government to ignore our concerns about the UK’s Brexit deal and its devastating impact on our public services,” the union’s president, Mick Cash, said in a statement.

“No matter what happens in the negotiations, the public is the keystone of the UK economy and will be at risk of losing jobs as a result.”

The government has yet to respond to the union letter.