A New York school board that was criticized for its lax security measures will not be required to hold its next board meeting amid criticism that it is a ‘puppet’ of the Trump administration

By DAVID BERNSTEINNEW YORK, NY (AP) New York City public schools have announced they are scrapping their new security measures as tensions between the federal government and the Trump Administration continue to mount.

The board that made the decision on Monday voted 5-4 to scrap the policy, after a week of public criticism.

The decision comes just two days after the president tweeted a threat to cancel the first two-day school weekend, calling it “unprecedented.”

The board said it was considering alternatives to the new security protocols that would allow for a full review of the system by a group of outside experts.

The New York City Public Schools Board has already announced it will not hold its first board meeting in a week, after an outcry by parents and teachers.

Schools were closed Tuesday and Wednesday for the holiday weekend.

The Trump administration on Tuesday also announced it would suspend some federal funding to New York schools, as the city faced a growing crisis in its schools.

The administration has faced pressure to rein in schools after more than 500 people died at a school in a shooting spree in April.

New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo said he and school officials were considering taking “the next step” and considering what could be done.

New school board members have faced criticism from parents and school leaders who said the new protocols were unnecessary and would have made it harder for teachers and students to stay safe.

A group of educators and parents wrote a letter to the board saying it is not good enough.

“We feel that the board has decided to adopt the Trump-created policy without proper consideration of the consequences that will come to teachers and the students of New York, who will no longer have access to safe, supervised, secure and effective public education,” they wrote.

The Associated Press reported that the new policy will be rolled back for all of New Jersey and Delaware, where New York is located.

It also will not apply to districts in Washington, D.C. The schools board also is considering requiring the city’s public schools to provide a more secure entrance for students.

The letter said that while the school district “does not believe that any security measures would be necessary for the safety of our students,” it was necessary for safety of the students themselves.

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