What you need to know about the Cleveland Public Library’s new website

In a bid to make the Cleveland public library a more welcoming place for everyone, the Cleveland Library Board of Trustees has decided to open up the library to the public for the first time ever.

The move comes just two weeks after a similar initiative was launched in Portland, Oregon, and has been met with widespread praise.

The Cleveland Public library, which opened its doors in 2016, has become a popular destination for those looking for a fresh start after a decade of being shuttered.

The new Cleveland website is designed to make things easier for patrons.

The new site has more categories for reading, art, cooking, travel, fitness and more.

In addition to the new categories, the new site also includes more information about the library’s history and history-making activities, like the Cleveland Shakespeare Festival.

The website also features a calendar of events to keep the library informed.

For example, it includes the 2017 opening of the Cleveland City Opera House, which is the first stage of an opera house that will be run by the Cleveland Orchestra.

“We’ve got a library that has been very welcoming for people for a long time, and that’s something we’re trying to keep,” said Charles Dolan, a professor of education at Cleveland State University.

“So we’re open to that feedback and we’re going to listen to it.”

Dolan said the new Cleveland site will also allow patrons to see the contents of the library bookshelves.

In previous years, patrons could not access books from the bookshelving.

Dolan said this year’s redesign will allow patrons a quicker access to the library.

“You can actually go in and grab your books from those shelves and then you can take them out and put them in the safe,” Dolan explained.

“I think that it’s going to be an enormous benefit to Cleveland because this will allow people to get books from where they normally would be at a library.”

The new library also has an additional page on the home page where users can search for books.

In the past, users could only search for certain books in the library, but this year they can also search for specific books.

“That means we can find all kinds of things,” Dameron said.

The library is not the only institution to adopt a new site this year.

Other large public libraries across the country have opened their websites to the general public.

In 2017, the city of Chicago launched a website that allowed users to search for library books in Chicago.

A new website was launched on Sunday in New York City that allows patrons to search through the public library catalog and search for the books they need.

The Chicago library is located at 2115 N. Clark St. and has 4,500 books in its collection.

The city has also created a new digital resource center that will allow visitors to access information on the library system and how it works.

“It’s a great opportunity to share our city’s resources and how we are doing,” Daley said.